Crypto Carrot Patch
Crypto Carrot Patch

Deep in the heart of Bakersfield, California once lived a very peculiar carrot farmer named Clyde.

One might think it was a honorable endeavor... attempting to create the world's most perfect carrot, but in doing so Clyde had driven himself to the very brink of madness. Cooped up in his laboratory experimenting night after night, the farmer slipped further and further away. the carrot genomes alone were no longer enough to fulfill his dream.. 

Finally after years of work, that had cost the farmer his sanity, Clyde created what he imagined to be the world's greatest carrot fertilizer. This would bring to seed the world's most perfect patch of carrots! In a fit of madness driven by accomplishing his life long dream, Clyde not only spread the fertilizer over his carrot patch but injected it into himself! Within minutes the deranged farmer became unconscious and succumbed to a deep, deep sleep.

When Clyde finally awoke he thought he was dreaming, it couldn't be... for in front of him were three of the most exquisite carrots he could have ever imagined. Three perfect humanoid carrots; his first newly awakened carrot comrades. They welcomed him as their leader and introduced themselves as Carrie, Chef, and Count. Clyde quickly realized that not only had his carrots changed but so had he. He was no longer Clyde, but had transformed into Carrot Clyde! 

With all sanity and rationality out the window, Carrot Clyde along with his new team plotted for the domination of the Solana blockchain! They await the Great Harvest, the awakening of the other 5,555 carrot comrades, and the beginning of a new power!

Crypto Carrot Patch


    Our core team is based from around the globe but all meet together here in the patch with one common goal. Our goal is to ensure that Crypto Carrot Patch NFT will be a well known player in the NFT community both inside and outside the metaverse, always bringing something new to the table. A project based around growth and expansion; building a community that stands strong in the face of hard topics, that can band together to be key players in real world issues. We hope that as we expand into the future and into different planes of existence, we remain rooted in the soil.


    Our mission is to not only tie our CCP members together through this comical PFP collection but to also bring like minds together and push each other to create ideas that can fertilize this big ole' garden - Earth. Who knows what may come to seed! As part of our collection's mission our team decided early on one of our objectives was to create something that could give back to our planet. 5% of our royalties will be donated to Rainforest Foundation US. We hope that as our community grows we can bring together our carrot comrades and bring forth more ideas of how to better this big carrot patch we all call home.

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Carrot Clyde - Founder

Chef - Founder

Carrie - Marketing

Count - Development 

CreatIon of Crypto Carrot Patch 
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More to Come! 

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